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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: Shut It / Who's Mooching Who? TV Episode August 6, 2009 TV-Y7 (Credits)

Dexter's Laboratory: Picture Day / Now That's a Stretch / Dexter Detention TV Episode July 16, 1998 TV-G (Credits)

Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Fairly Oddparents / Hobart and the Merman / Superhero Santa TV Episode September 8, 1998 TV-Y (Credits)

CatDog: Party Animal / Mush, Dog! Mush! TV Episode October 9, 1998 TV-Y (Credits)

Hey Arnold!: Helga Blabs All / Harold the Butcher TV Episode August 31, 1998 TV-Y7 (Credits)


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